Owners & Residents 2021


APRIL 2021






Articles of Incorporation
Bylaws passed with a 77% vote at a special meeting of the owners August 2018 & have been duly recorded at the Gallatin County Courthouse
9-24-2018 Rules Regulations Penalties
9-24-2018 First Restated & Revised Bylaws
10-9-2018 Second Restated & Revised Declaration Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
10-10-2018 Correction Second Restated Declaration


Exhibit A & B
Third Amendment Restated and Revised Declaration (2017)


Revised and Restated Declaration and Bylaws (2008)
Second Amendment Declaration (2009)
Annual Occupancy Form


Master Insurance Policy – Allied (2015)
Insurance Endorsement Amending Renewal Premium – Allied (2015)
Insurance Endorsement Reducing Forgery – Allied (2015)
Travelers Fidelity (1-1-2016 to 1-1-2019) 
Property Certificate (2017)
Renewal Proposal (2017)
Travelers Directors & Officers

Deck Paint Color – Stain is available at the Paint Factory, Bozeman. Deck stain is PPG Flood, Pro Series Solid Color 100% Acrylic Stain. Formula is B-5Y24, C-5Y40, F-1Y12, W-1Y24.

Rental Units   The maximum allowable units have been rented. There are no available rentals at this time.



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Voting Info

The members of the HOA Board of Director’s serve alternating 3-year terms. In 2017 all new Board members were elected. The president’s 3-year term was renewed on July 1, 2020 (2020-2023). The Vice President served a 2-year term, 2017-2019, and was elected to a 3-year term in 2019 (2019-2022). The Secretary-Treasurer served a 1-year term, 2017-2018, and was elected to a 3-year term in 2018 (2018-2021). The current position up for election is that of the Secretary-Treasurer.


Candidate Biographies

Sue Beland

Sue Beland is an owner since 2013 and is running for Secretary-Treasurer at BronzeLeaf. Since serving on the Board she has been doing the following for the owners:

* Composing newsletters and submitting them to the Board for approval and then for distribution by e mail and posting in each building.

* Recording the minutes of board meetings which are approved by the Board.

* Overseeing the BronzeLeaf web page by posting all documents relating to BronzeLeaf including newsletters, minutes, notices, insurance policies, bylaws and other information pertinent to owners.

* Communicating continuously with the property manager and the Board to keep up with expenditures and income to manage the bank account and the reserve fund. She carefully monitors the bank statements each month. Her goal is to do what she can to keep the dues as low as possible. She is conservative with spending.

* Making a monthly report to the Board regarding updates from the PM and financial issues.

In addition Sue has:

* Experience in technical writing and involvement in various legal issues which was helpful when the Board was involved in the intensive meetings with our attorney to update the Bylaws. She was actively involved in working with owners to get 75% of the required approval for the bylaws. After extensive work with an attorney the first bylaws revisions did not pass an owner’s vote.
* The Board then hired a different attorney to redo the bylaws which passed in 2018.

* Conferred numerous times by phone, e mail, and in meetings with the Board and the architect and builder (Van and Wallis Bryan) to finalize the building of the final 2 buildings and complete our complex which was finished in 2019.

* Worked with various owners to resolve issues and maintain a safe living environment.

*Found a company to evaluate BronzeLeaf to qualify for FHA financing when sales occur and made arrangements for the required reserve funds to demonstrate solvency.

* Worked with permission of the Board to get permission from the city and state to dig a well for irrigation, found a driller, and recorded the documents. The well saves money on the water bill and will mean we can keep our grounds watered and alive during a drought or water shortage.

* Solicited bids from vendors for various projects.

* Contacted vendors in person in order to verify identities and obtain services for BronzeLeaf.

* Worked to set up an emergency plan for BronzeLeaf with Buffalo Restoration at no cost which includes being able to call and obtain a fast response.

Sue’s background that applies to BronzeLeaf operations includes:

Previous experience with business and technical writing, computer applications, legal issues, negotiations and agreements, managing groups 100 or more, accounting, numerous real property sales and purchases, banking activities, as well as evaluating businesses and advising owners. She has a computer and iPhone with a fast Internet connection in order to stay in contact with the Board, the PM, and the owners.

If elected Sue would like to continue working to maintain property values at BronzeLeaf and see a long-range plan in place for future needs as well as maintain a safe, quiet, peaceful living environment.

Scott Evje

My name is Scott Evje and I am an accountant here in Bozeman. I am a fifth generation Montanan with 4 generations of Bozeman connections. I am running for the office of sec/treasure because I believe that the owners of the Bronzeleaf Condo association deserve active representation of their voices to ensure the promotion of their interests in the safeguard and upkeep of our investment. I hope to work with the board to bring accountability to the use of our HOA fees and to represent residing owners as well as owners who rent their property. I believe in the value of Bronzeleaf and I believe it will take active involvement to maintain and develop that value. I would appreciate your vote as secretary/treasurer and I’m looking forward to working to protect our collective investment.


Questions email bronzeleafhoa@gmail.com

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